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The first pro app dedicated to scratching

edjing Scratch reproduces the behaviour and sound rendering of physical vinyl scratching with extreme precision and reactivity, thus reinventing turntables, making them digital and mobile. A technical prowess made possible through CAE - Core Audio Engine - a proprietary technology, result of 5 years of R&D.

Used with Mixfader - the world’s first connected crossfader - edjing Scratch allows you to scratch in real time with the lightest and most transportable DJ set-up ever. And, in addition to its movable property, edjing Scratch delivers features and performances once found only on physical pro turntables.

Use edjing Scratch with Mixfader, and get a complete DJ set up.

edjing Scratch has been specially designed to work in pairs with Mixfader, the first wireless crossfader. When used together, they reinvent the DJ equipment by dematerializing the vinyl record with edjing Scratch, while keeping, thanks to Mixfader, the crossfader’s feel and grip, essential to realize the most advanced scratching techniques.

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The turntables you know, with even more functionalities.

The interface of edjing Scratch has been designed to respect and keep all your points of reference. Thus, you’ll find everything you need, like the Pitch knob, the Volume fader, your hot cues or other main DJ FX. All this, on two interchangeable decks to control your set on the fly.

A turntable. As large as smart.

Specially designed single-vinyl interface.

Its large control surface lets you focus on your scratching. The vinyl of the app enables you to use a vinyl marker and retrieve at a glance your cue points. And last but not least, its new central waveform that follows the vinyl’s movements gives a real-time graphic representation of the sound. All that to allow you to adjust your scratching and easily realize your combos.

Thought to restitute the physical vinyl behaviour.

At the heart of edjing Scratch performance, the Core Audio Engine technology - or CAE - offers for the first time a reliable and high-quality scratching experience on smartphones and tablets. This technology enables, for example, the reproduction of the vinyl inertia and its sound rendering making edjing Scratch amazingly realistic.

Advanced configuration possibilities, for a total control of your turntable.

edjing Scratch enables you to adjust the vinyl inertia or control the starting speed of the vinyl, depending on the feeling you want.

Free sample pack. Instrumental tracks. Audio FX. Cues and Loops. Nothing is missing.

Access a large range of studio-quality effects such as Flanger, Echo or Phaser and even more. Plus, advanced looping and beatmatching features allow you to isolate your favorite track parts in perfect time and modify their length however you like. As for sample packs and instrumental tracks directly available from the music library, they will enable you to immediately start scratching, without waiting.

Crossfader adjustment.

Access all the essential crossfader settings and configure it to get the result that suits you best.

Crossfader curve adjustment with a wide range of shapes including Scratch Cut, Dipped, Slow Fade ones and more.

Cut-in point control to set the cut-in point of your fader where you want and reduce or increase the dead space.

Reverse Mode that reverses the read direction of the fader depending on your scratching style (Regular vs Hamster).

More, you can give a specific function to your Mixfader, if you want to control pitch or the volume fader.

Use edjing Scratch with your turntable

Whether you use timecode or real vinyl, you can scratch with both thanks to the dedicated "turntables" interface. All USB turntables are compatible. If the turntable doesn’t have a USB port, you can use a RCA adapter. Serato Control CD, Serato CV02, Traktor Scratch MK1, MixVibes 7 and MixVibes V2 timecodes are supported.

An outstanding music library, in line with your ambitions.

edjing Scratch includes the most advanced and complete music library that you can find on DJ app. Access millions of songs, easily find your favorite tracks and enjoy free DJ content, like sample pack or instrumental tracks.

Deezer and SoundCloud integration that gives you access to more than 50 million tracks

Access to your own mp3 music library including iTunes

BPM, alphabetical and length sorting to find the perfect track at a glance

Global Search that browses all your music library at once

Multisources playlist with all your favorite songs from streaming and local sources

Automatic saving of your tracks metadatas

Automatic and accurate BPM calculation of your tracks

Free sample pack and instrumental tracks to start scratching immediately

Record and share your best routines to your friends!

Record your performances in HD and share them, with a single touch. edjing Scratch allows you to immediately post your routines on social networks or privately send them to your friends.

Video tutorials.

Access plenty of coaching videos designed in partnership by the 3-times world DJ champions - 9 O’Clock - to help you learn new scratching techniques and master the most advanced combos.

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Tech Spec

  • Touch Interface
  • Specially designed single-vinyl interface that offers more scratching control
  • Possibility to switch between deck A and deck B in a click
  • Wide audio spectrum to browse through your tracks in a simple touch
  • Central spectrum that offers a real-time graphic representation of the sound to help you realize your combos and adjust your scratching
  • Library Music Library
  • Free special scratch samples, instrumentals and loops integrated on the local library
  • Deezer integration (requires a Deezer Premium account)
  • SoundCloud integration
  • iTunes music library (including the shared files)
  • BPM, length, or alphabetical order sorting
  • Multi-source playlists creation
  • Smart searching that displays results for all the musical sources
  • Browsing by title, artist, album, or playlist
  • Automatic saving of the tracks data (BPM & settings)
  • General General
  • HD recording in .aiff format (iOS) and .wav format (Android)
  • Possibility to convert recordings to .mp3 format
  • Easy sharing (Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp…) of your best routines to your friends
  • Audiodata Audio
  • Real time audio analysis
  • Automatic BPM detection for all your tracks
  • Continuous sync between your two tracks
  • 5 audio FX : Filter, Flanger, Echo, Reverb, Phaser
  • Loops: from 1/32 to 64, or customizable through 'in' and 'out' points
  • Loop your entire track with the 'repeat 1' loop mode
  • Add up to 8 hot cues on each deck
  • Adjust the crossfader curves: scratch cut, slow cut, dipped, …
  • Set the cut-in point of the Mixfader
  • Adjust the vinyl inertia, and the starting speed of the vinyl
  • Hamster switch to scratch in reverse mode
  • Multi-devices option with the 'shared mode': connect your Mixfader to two devices, you now have 4 decks (iOS only)
  • Assign different roles to each one of your Mixfader: crossfader, volume, pitch, …
  • Manual Pitch adjustment
  • Mixfader Hardware integration
  • Mixfader compatibility
  • Timecoded and standard audio vinyls support (Serato CV02 A-side and B-side ; Serato Control CD ; Traktor MK1 A-side and B-side)
  • Compatibility with portable turntables such as: vestax handy trax et Numark PT01
  • System System
  • Requires iOS 8 or later ; or Android 4.3 onwards
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 onwards
  • Bluetooth LE is mandatory for the app to detect and connect to your Mixfader

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